Sauna is a main attribute of winter holidays in the mountains.

 Since ancient times, visiting the sauna has occupied a special place in the health improvement of man. Since the temperature difference is the most effective option for hardening the human body, relieving the emotional stress, balancing the nervous system, and also deprives the excess weight.

Terms of use sauna

  • Order is accepted by phone:
    +38 (097) 287 25 31 or on the spot.
  • Preparation of the sauna takes up two hours.
  • The minimum order for a sauna is 2 hours. The cost is 500 UAH. More than three people, plus 50 UAH. per person per hour, to the minimum order.
  • For children under 14 years free of charge.
  • Maximum number of people up to 15 people.
  • The price includes use of a recreation room, a barrel for diving and a barrel for pouring, as well as hats, towels, sheets, slippers, and brewed Carpathian tea.

Also remember, in a sauna you should cover your head with a hat, and the whole body in front of the entrance should be thoroughly washed and wiped dry. Remove all jewelry and do not stay more than 10 minutes.
We are sure, that visiting our sauna, you will become a fan of her forever.


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